continuous oven (Conveyor)

continuous oven

Besides Box ovens, BARESH finishing industry also offers conveyor ovens and dryers that could be designed in different sizes and models according to the parts size, conveyor speed, and the available space. Integrated portable chassis makes this product one of the best options for your company.

Technical information box oven

Heat transfer

indirect circulate
Heat transfer sys. one-side floor channel
Temperature control sys. digital (accuracy of 1˚c)
Temperature 200 ˚c
Parts transfer sys. wagon or hand railing* 
Heater inner trunk 1 mm galvanized Al.
Convertor trunk ss 304 steel
Montage type *
Material of structure ST 37
Oven outer sheets reinforced 1mm galvanized sheet
Oven inner sheets reinforced 1mm greasy sheet
Floor sheet thickness 2.5mm
Material of air distributor channels 1mm galvanized sheet
Insulator compact glass wool DN36
Insulator thickness 100 mm
Fuel gas-gasoline *
Number of heat convertors 1
Circulate fan type centrifuge
Flame heat capacity 90.000 Kcal/h
Electromotor 1400 rpm/2hp

* Custom-made parts


box oven side heater box oven simple box	box oven_roof heater
 U type camel type S type
  • All inner parts made of galvanized steel
  • Uniform heat distribution by circulating system
  • All parts equipped with heat distributor channels
  • Thick insulator at the bottom (16mm)
  • Possibility of installing different types of wagon
  • High heat efficiency and low fuel consumption